Webinar Recording: Resilience, Coffee, and Community: How Parents Advocate for Children with Special Needs

Wednesday June 17th, 2015
In this interactive lecture and discussion, Sarah Taylor, MSW, PhD, shared insights from her personal journey in advocating for her 8-year-old super-kid with fragile x syndrome, as well as the experiences of over 300 parents who participated in a study about how they advocate for their own children and others at personal, organizational, community, and policy levels.
Guest presenter: Sarah Taylor, MSW, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at CSU East Bay. She has presented at numerous national, state, and local conferences and has published in a variety of academic journals.

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Principles of Health Care Delivery for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Children’s Regional Integrated Service Systems (CRISS)
"The Children’s Regional Integrated Service System (CRISS) supports the concept of redesign of the CCS program. As currently configured, CCS has many critically important components that have driven excellent health outcomes for medically complex and fragile children, including low-income children and children without legal documentation, and have supported the regionalized pediatric system of care that serves all California children. These components must be preserved in any redesign proposal. At the same time, this almost 90-year-old program and its system of care for children and families will benefit from new attention and new approaches."


Legislative Day Webinar Recording

If you are attending the Health Summit, take a look at the mandatory legislative day webinar recording: http://familyvoicesofca.org/node/4 (scroll to the bottom).
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Webinar Recording: Medi-Cal and Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism

Kristin Jacobson, President and Founder of Autism Deserves Equal Coverage Foundation, will present on the new autism treatment coverage benefits under Medi-Cal. This is an introductory Webinar and is appropriate for families interested in accessing services through Medi-Cal as well as staff from family resource centers interested in learning about the benefit so they can help families in their catchment area. Information will be provided on eligibility for services and how to access services and will be relevant for individuals currently receiving BHT through regional centers, regional center clients who are not receiving BHT, and families who are not regional center clients. There will also be information about using the benefit as a primary insurance or as a secondary insurance to cover cost sharing for a private plan. Finally there will be some information for providers interested in becoming Medi-Cal BHT providers.